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It was a win for the green team at Sports Day, which went ahead on the reserve date after rain forced the original event to be cancelled earlier in the week.


The school field was packed with spectators following the children around the various activities they were competing in. These ranged from egg & spoon and sack races to hurdle relay and up ‘n over hoops.


Members of the green team won a total of 27 points followed by yellow with 19, white with 11 and blue with 7.


There were loud cheers at the end of the event when Head teacher Mr Moorcroft announced the winners and presented them with the sports day cup. 


In assembly the next morning, he congratulated all pupils on the sportsmanship they showed at sports day.


“It was fantastic to see the way you all took part and did your best. You showed fantastic determination and excellent sportsmanship,” he said. 


There was a special mention for the blue team for “not fussing or sulking” about coming fourth.


Mr Moorcroft said : “You were not sore losers and showed real sportsmanship. I was really proud of you.”


He then announced that they had been chosen as “Team of the Week” for their attitude.