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Who's Who

Say Hello to the team at

Boughton Leigh Infant School


Head Teacher:

Mr A Moorcroft


Deputy Head Teacher:

Mrs C Blood


Assistant Head Teachers:

Mrs C Gautrey    Mrs S Swan          Mrs R Stretton



              School Business Manager:          Mrs W Griffiths        

                   Office Administrator:          Mrs K Oliver 

                        Morning Caretaker:          Mr  B Carter  

                    Afternoon Caretaker:          Mrs S O'Neill



Year Group





Mrs S Swan Assistant Head Teacher (Currently on Maternity leave)

Nursery Teacher

Miss M Webb



Green Class

Mrs M Jopling

Red Class

Mrs M Jennings

Yellow Class

Mrs A Oldham



Year 1


Silver Class

Mrs R Stretton Assistant Head Teacher &     Miss L Shearsby

Gold Class

Mrs C Cartwright 

Purple Class

Mrs A Jones 



Year 2  
Turquoise Class Mrs C Blood Deputy Head Teacher

Orange Class

Mrs C Gautrey Assistant Head Teacher & Mrs M Simons

Bronze Class

Mrs K Green

School Support Staff  

Mrs C Graham & Mrs P Miller

Reading Recovery Teachers

Miss A Smelt

Learning Mentor

Mrs G Antoniolli Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bradshaw

Teaching Assistant/Oasis Supervisor

Mrs D Carey

Senior Early Years Educator

Mrs E Colmer

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Turner Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Derbisz

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Finch

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Jones Early Years Educator

Miss K O'Neill

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Sullivan

Senior Early Years Educator

Mrs C Townsend

Early Years Educator

Mrs C Walden

Teaching Assistant/Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Spence Library Bus Technician & Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Jones

Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Jones

Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Parvath

Midday Supervisor

Mrs R Azhar Midday Supervisor
Miss T Turner Midday Supervisor
Mrs V Bisgrove Wilson Midday Supervisor
Miss A Ward Midday Supervisor
Ms D Amador Midday Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Hands Midday Supervisor

Mrs H Sadiq

Midday Supervisor/Oasis Playworker

Mrs K Stewardson Oasis Playworker/Cook

Mrs H Vernon

Oasis Playworker/Cook

Mrs D Balfour


Mrs L Bottomley

Cook in Charge/Cleaner

Mr J Vipond

Office Administrator

Miss S King

Mrs L Overmire


Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Apprentice Teaching Assistant



There are lots of people in our school community who are committed in providing the very best for your child. Please come and meet us!