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Boughton Leigh Infant School

Caring, sharing and learning together as we grow

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Vision and Values

'Caring, sharing ,learning together as we grow.'


We aim to care and nurture every child to their full potential by providing a safe, secure learning environment.


We share common values to support achievement both inside and outside school and work with the wider community respecting and celebrating diversity,


Learning is at the heart of all that we do so that every child can grow and flourish on their learning journey.





Our STARFISH VALUES are a set of guidelines to underpin how we all behave at Boughton Leigh Infant School. They are:


          Sportsmanship           Friendship

          Tolerance                  Inquiry

          Aspiration                 Sensitivity

          Respect                     Honesty


The values are inspired by the story of the little boy who threw a starfish, which had been stranded on the beach, back into the sea. A passing man questioned the point of doing it when there were hundreds of other starfish which would be left on the beach to die. “What difference will it make? he asked. The boy smiled and said: “It will make a difference to that one.”

As a school we aim to “make a difference” by following STARFISH VALUES.


Saying “please” and “thank you”, being kind, not upsetting anyone, accepting we are all different and congratulating others for doing well are examples of little things that are encouraged in school and make a big difference to everyone.



Code of Conduct


These rules are applied to all aspects of school life:

Be Honest

I will always tell the truth.


Be Kind

I will use kind words.


Be Respectful

I will consider the feelings and opinions of others.

I will respect myself.


Be Responsible

I will take responsibility for the choices I make.

I will look after the school and everything in it.