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British Values

British Values


Our school reflects British values in all that we do. We aim to nurture our children on their journey through life so they can grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who make a positive difference to British society and to the world and the wider world.

Learning about British values forms a key part of children’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social education.


The five British values that the Government has identified for schools to focus on are:

  • The Rule of Law
  • Democracy
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs


How should we help our children prepare for adult life as citizens of Britain?

  • Develop their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop their understanding of right and wrong, and their respect for the law
  • Encourage them to take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Encourage involvement in the community and wider society
  • Encourage respect for the public services and institutions of Britain
  • Promote tolerance of and respect for all cultures and faiths
  • Encourage participation in the democratic process