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Our Connected Curriculum

As an NAHT Aspire school we are following the Edison Learning Primary Connected Curriculum. This provides a perfect starting point for exciting, engaging and motivating learning that as a school we can continue to develop innovatively to suit our own context.

The Connected Curriculum provides a strong framework through which the connections between subjects are clearly mapped, whilst providing adaptability and flexibility so that the lives and heritage of learners and their communities can be distinctively embedded. With distinctiveness and relevance designed in from the start, the opportunity exists to create a unique curriculum that fulfils national curriculum requirements and the needs of individual learners. Importantly, the Connected Curriculum recognises the value of our school in providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills.

Our Connected Curriculum is delivered in three parts:

Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Year 1

Year 2

In Key Stage 1 our cross curricular approach is called Time to Connect.

Our long term connected curriculum plan