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Year 2 pupils learned about the dangers posed by large vehicles on the road and how to stay safe around trucks.


Two demonstrators from the DHL Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) programme visited the school with a 44 tonne articulated lorry to deliver the training.


Stephen De Bruyne and Neville Carbine are experienced drivers. The potentially lifesaving information they gave pupils included:

  • What drivers can and cannot see in their mirrors
  • How to walk safely around a vehicle
  • What and where are a truck’s blind spots.


These are important key messages which the TACS programme – funded by the DHL UK Foundation – hope will help prevent some of over 450 accidents involving trucks in which children are killed or injured each year.


Head teacher Andrew Moorcroft says: “Education is not just about the 3Rs. Learning how to be safe in all aspects of life is just as important and, as a school, we are keen to give our pupils the opportunity to take part in programmes like this.”


“Giving children the chance to get close to an articulated lorry is a very powerful way of showing them how potentially dangerous the vehicles can be.”