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Giant bubbles, disappearing water and liquids that change colour have been used to enthral pupils during British Science Week this week.


Special assemblies featuring experiments have been held every day to the delight of children.


Head of Science Mrs Swan is passionate about her subject and hopes to instil a love of science in all pupils from an early age.


“My assemblies have been a cross between a scientific investigation and a magic show and there have been screams of delight and lots of laughter from the children. If they remember just one scientific fact from the demonstrations then it has been worthwhile,” she says.


Our school was one of three in the Rugby area to take part in The British Science Association’s Demo Day on 16th March.


“I thought why just a day, why not the whole week? So that’s what we’ve done and it’s been very successful. It has raised the profile of science in school and shown our young pupils what an exciting subject it is, “says Mrs Swan.


As well as special assemblies, the school organised year group activities using popular nursery rhymes to demonstrate aspects of science and a competition to encourage pupils to undertake their own experiments at home.