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Our friends from Brazil


What a fantastic week it has been! Teachers from our partnership school in Brazil spent this week visiting our setting.  They spent time observing the wonderful teaching and learning, interacting with the children in our school and visiting some of the special places the town of Rugby has to offer.  On Monday, I welcomed them to our school during our morning assembly, many of the children had questions they wanted to ask and  as our visitors spoke very little English I was very proud when Leticia a pupil in Purple class helped with translation.


Our visitors spent the day in Reception and  had the chance to visit and observe how we use our library bus, observe a PE session and experience the ICT suite. On Tuesday, they enjoyed a day in KS1 observing music lessons and getting to know more about our school routines.  On Wednesday, I took them for a tour of Rugby School where they learned about the history of the town and the origins of the game of Rugby.  On Thursday our visitors had the opportunity to spend time in Nursery where they had fun experiencing play-based learning.  On Friday, our visitors joined us for our celebration assembly and were thanked by both children and staff for coming to see us!





It was an amazing week and a great experience for everyone.  We are now looking forward to the two teachers from Boughton Leigh Infant School reciprocating the visit in October and beginning a variety of projects with our new friends from Brazil!


Mr Amery








My trip to Jordan





Mr Amery has made a fantastic relationship with Sajida Basel, a fellow teacher working in Jordan, and is excited to share the activities and ideas they have for their Connecting Classrooms project.  This initiative has given the children of both schools a great opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between their schooling lives. 


We are currently completing our first project (entitled, 'An Eye on the World') together.  Here, we have been exploring aspects of our lives which make us happy.  Naturally, our reception children had many positive and creative ideas!  Photographs of the children's work will be shared across the classrooms and will soon be availble to view on the website.  This will give you the opportunity to observe how our relationship with the children in Jordan begins and develops over time.


We hope you enjoy finding out about the lives of children across the world as much as we do!  It's an exciting new adventure and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.