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Year 1/2 - Turquoise

Welcome to Turquoise Class

We have really enjoyed our first week back and have settled in really well to our new classes.

In Maths this week we have been ordering numbers and seeing how far we can count.  We have also been adding numbers using number lines and 100 squares.

In English we have listened to the story of 'Bog Babies'.  We have been writing a retell of the story ready for our 'Bog Baby' display.  We have been thinking about the different settings and what the characters might be saying.

In the afternoons we have had a PE session which we really enjoyed.  We have also been thinking about who our 'safe person' on school is if we are worried about anything.  We have learnt what to do if we are worried and how it would make us feel.

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We have had another exciting week this week, on Tuesday it was Transition day and we all got to meet our new teachers for next year. Year 2 went to the Junior School for the morning and met their new teachers and did some new learning. We stayed for our lunch and a play outside. We all had a lovely time and are looking forward to starting next year. Year 1 spent the morning in their new class and had a go at being year 2's. It was very exciting and we enjoyed meeting our new teacher.

We are looking forward to next week and joining in Sports Day activities on Monday. On Wednesday we are looking forward to celebrating our success at school and going to the cinema to see 'Minions'.

In Turquoise class our Learning Hero was Shayla she was a Queenie Question and our Handwriting award went to Lucy. Well done!!

Our attendance was 99.2% which is higher than the target of 96.1% and we won Shilpa!!


This week has been very exciting for Year 2's! On Thursday the Year 3 teachers from the Junior school came to meet with us and work with us for the morning. We had to write a letter to give information about ourselves. We also had a Maths activity which we really enjoyed. We had a lovely morning and are looking forward to Transition morning on Tuesday.

We have been learning how to use speech marks for when a character talks in English. We have been also ordering words in a sentence so that they make sense.

In Maths we have been consolidating and preactising our number skills.

In Topic we have been sorting animals according to different criteria and using a sorting key to identify animals.

The Handwriting award went to Lacey and Cameron was a Charlie Challenge Learning Hero. Our attendance this was was 96.2% which is very slighly higher than our target of 96.1%


This week in Maths we have been learning how to work out multiplication using arrays. We know how to write both the repeated addition and multiplication number sentence.

In English we have been looking at how to change tenses from past to present. We have looked at certain words in a sentence and changed them to the past tense.

On Tuesday we visited the Gurdwara in Leamington. We covered our heads with a scarf, took our shoes off andwashed our hands as a mark of respect. We learnt about the 5 K's and how the Sikh community use the Gurdwara.

Turquoise class's attendance was 100% which is fantastic and the best class attendance this week. Well done! Year 1 and 2 were all awarded class of the week for their excellent behaviour on our trip this week. Well done everyone!

Our Learning Hero this week was Kian.


This week in English we have been basing our learning around 'Lost and Found'. Year 1 have written a retell of the story and Year 2 created a comic strip with captions, actions and speech. We have also been learning what a verb and a noun is and finding these in different sentences. We now know that a verb is a doing/action word like run, jump, skip and a noun is the name of a person, place or object eg. girl, school and table.

In Maths we have been learning to describe 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties. We have been looking at lines of symmetry and identifying them. On our cross curricular Friday session we went upto Gruffalo Woods and went on an Artic animal picture hunt. We then put our findings into a graph and answered questions about what we found.

In Topic we have been learning about the Inuit people and how they live. We have found it very interesting and is so different to how we live. In Computing we have been creating our own Powerpoint presentation about our Topic 'Poles Apart'. We can add a new slide, change the font, copy and paste pictures and use the internet to find out information to use.

In Turquoise class Joshua was awarded the Handwriting award.

Our attendance was 96.9% slightly higher than the target of 96.1%

As you know we will be going on our trip to the Gurdwara next Tuesday 23rd June.We are looking for volunteers to help, please see your class teacher if you would be willing. Thank you.


This week we have been writing poems about our topic Poles Apart. We have been experimenting with using similies and metaphors in our poetry. We have also been thinking about how poetry makes us feel.

In Maths we have been solving problems involving capacity. We have learnt when measuring liquids we use litres and millilitres. To bring the weeks learning together we made Artic drinks. We had to measure 200ml of juice into a cup and we chose whether we had 200ml of one drink or had 50ml of each.

In Geography we have consolidated our learning on Continents. We have now learnt the five seas, Pacific, Indian, Southern, Artic and Atlantic and where they are.

Letters have gone home today for our trip to visit the Gurdwara, please could you return them to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

This week our attendance was 94.6% slightly below our target of 96.1%


This week we have been measuring in Maths using grams.  We weighed out ingredients and made our own pizzas.  On Friday we went up to Gruffalo Wood and cooked our pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven.  They tasted delicious!
In Art we have been looking at pictures of the Northern Lights.  As a class we recreated the picture using chosen techniques.  We have displayed it on our board and next week we will be writing poems to put on it.
In our Computing sessions we have been researching pictures of the Northern Lights and pasting them onto Word.
Our Learning Hero was Shayla and our Handwriting Award went to Tyrun. Turquoise class attendance was 95.2% which is below the target of 96.1%!


This week in Year 1 we listened to the story of the 'Enormous Turnip'.  Using the text we have been writing sentences using adjectives.

In Maths we have been ordering ordinal numbers and using positional language.

In Topic we have been planting the seedlings into Gruffalo Woods.  We have learnt about the differences between fruits and vegetables and sorted them into the right group.

In Art we have drawn observational drawings of apples and tomatoes and labelled the parts.

In Year 2 we have been writing our own stories.  We chose our favourite story from a selection of story starters.  We have also written a newspaper report based on the disappearance of 'The Twits'.

The Handwriting award was this week given to Alisha.

Year 1 and 2 choir have been practising really hard for the Rugby World Cup song 'When Lions Roar'.  Jason Moss from Rugby FM came in and recorded the whole school.  They were amazing.  We are looking forward to taking the choir to the Benn Hall to sing with the band 'Speak Brothers'.  We may even get filmed for television.


This week Year 1 we have been learning to add two numbers together and solving number problems, using our fantastic adding skills!  In English we have been writing our own stories based on 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  We have been trying to remember to use full stops, capital letters, conjunctions and adjectives.

In Topic we have been planting seeds and looking at parts of a plant.

Year 2 have been working very hard on their end of year assessments.  Well done Year 2!

Oakley received the Handwriting award this week.

Our Learning Hero was Saaketh  who was a Queenie Question for his super writing. 

This week our attendance was 97.3% which is above our school target of 96.1%.  Well done Turquoise class!


This week has been a very busy week!
In Year 1 we have been working hard and learning how to takeaway two numbers in Maths.  In English we have listened to the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  We have then written sentences about the story using capital letters, full stops and connectives.  In Topic we have been learning about growing plants and seeds.  We went up to Gruffalo Wood and looked at our outdoor area and planted potatoes.

In Year 2 we have been working hard on our end of Year 2 assessments.

This week Shayla has been awarded our handwriting award for her neat handwriting and the careful presentation of her work.

Attendance this week was 9.7%

Alisha did some super research at home about aeroplanes.


This week in English we have read chapters 2 and 3 of 'The Adventurous Snail' by Dick King-Smith.  We have found out that Siegfried is in America and has visited the President!  We have been pretending to be Siegfried and have written letters to his friend to tell him about Siegfrieds adventure.

In Maths we have been learning about hundreds, tens and units.  We know how to work out how many are in each numbers.

In Topic we have continued to find out about aeroplanes.  We have found out about Frank Whittle.  He was born in Coventry and invented a jet engine to help planes to go higher and faster.  We have seen photographs of a roundabout in Lutterworth that has an aeroplane on it.  It has been made to help us remember the hard work of Sir Frank Whittle.  He set up a company in Lutterworth called 'Powerjets Limited'.

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