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Summer Term 2

In Maths we have been investigating!  We looked at what different combinations of colours 'Team GB' could wear in their races and how many ways to make different monetary values, some of us as high as £2.  We have been reasoning with number to find out if statements are true/false eg. 2 odd numbers make an even number 3 odd numbers make an odd number. 

In English we have been writing a character profile of Mr and Mrs Twit using adjectives to describe the appearance and personality of these characters.

In Topic we have been locating the Olympic countries over the last 10 Olympics and ordering them on a time line.

This week Kiera was awarded the Maths award, Dhakshinesh was awarded the Handwriting award and Lexi was a Charlie Challenge.  The attendance this week was 95.7%


In English we have been creating stories using our imagination using a magic pebble as a stimulus.  We planned our stories with an introduction, then created a problem followed by the resolution to the problem and finally the ending.  We used adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and correct punctuation in our writing.  Year 2 have been writing using paragraphs and speech marks.

In Mathematics we have been measuring length, capacity and weight in standard and non standard units.  Mrs Cartwrights Maths group have been measuring perimeter of 2D shapes.

We have had visiting students from Northampton University who have been working with groups of children on our topic of the Olympic Games.  They have been finding facts about the Olympics using QR codes, designing logos and investigating materials suitable for waterproofing.  They have designed and made a postcard from Rio.

This week Dhaksh was awarded the Maths award, Jordon was awarded the Handwriting award and Muhhamed was a Billy Buddy.  The attendance this week was 90.7%