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Summer Term 2

Our topic for Summer Term 2 is 'Pirates and Princesses'

In Red class this week we have been thinking about and making our own music and dancing, we have been singing familiar songs and changing the tempo and pitch, we played many games to reinforce our learning e.g. 'hide the teddy' where we have to guide our friend to where the teddy is hidden by singing a song and changing the pitch when they are near to or further from the teddy, we used yellow hand and feet on the floor to create our own music patterns, we then took turns to conduct our friends to follow the patterns first by clapping and then by using different instruments. In numeracy we have been counting reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, counting on or back to find an answer and solving problems we used pirates gold to pick a random number of coins and thought about how many more would we need if we wanted 10?, we counted on to find the answer. Is there another way we could work it out?, we used other resources to consolidate our learning later in the week we extended our learning by using numbers to twenty it was more of a challenge many of us were successful.


To be creative this week we drew our family portraits and wrote sentences about different members of our family.


In ict we have continued to blog.


Friday was a very exciting day for the whole school, we celebrated the Queens 90th birthday, we wore clothes that included the colours red, white and blue and for lunch, we had a street party on our school playground our teachers served us a lovely picnic lunch of sandwiches, sausages and salad followed by cupcakes (baked by the kitchen staff and friends) and jelly there was an amazing cake baked by the kitchen staff and decorated by the children in Oasis. In the afternoon we had a balloon launch where the whole school released red, white and blue balloons altogether, it was AMAZING!