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Summer Term 1

Our topic for Summer Term 1 is 'Old and New'

In green class this week, we have been using everyday language to talk about size, weight and  position, we recalled the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to help us to understand the differences within the story, we also compared and ordered objects and our friends starting with three friends we sorted them into size order, we continued on until we had twelve of our friends sorted into size order, it was a little tricky as some of us are almost the same size but we had a fun time working together. In literacy, we listened to the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' within a class circle we retold the story starting with 'Once upon a time', taking it in turns, we recalled a  part of the story in the correct sequence of events. In our writing we have been writing a story board thinking of the beginning, middle and end, later in the week some of us wrote sentences using key narrative and repeated refrains. In numeracy, we have been learning to add and subtract 2 single digit numbers, counting on or back, to find the answer, we have been thinking about and practicing how we can make fact families, we recorded our findings, we have also been consolidating our previous learning finding the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them and using the language of more and fewer.




In green class this week we used our outside classroom to talk about size, position, ordering and comparing objects, we thought about the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In teams of four, we built our own bridges using crates, bricks, planks and any other resources we may find, we worked collaboratively using the vocabulary, on top, next to, under, beside, right and left etc. In our teams we then explained why and how we built our bridges and how we could have built them better, we then re-enacted  the bridge scene each one of us taking on the different roles. In Yellow class this week we have been learning how to write labels, captions and writing simple sentences independently which can be read by ourselves and others, we listened to the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and we then recapped the story using a story map to help us to remember the beginning, middle and end, we then wrote our own sentences to build a story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff some of us were able to extend our writing by adding key features of narrative i.e. 'Once upon a time...' and wrote four or more sentences. In numeracy we have been learning about more and fewer, saying the number that is one more than a given number and counting reliably from 1-20 ordering them correctly and being able to say which number is one more or less than a given number, many different resources and games were used  we played a loop game asking the question e.g. 'I have 13 who has 7+5?' on our graphics table we recorded the different ways we could make a given number using buttons and cubes. 


To be creative we collaged troll and billy goat pictures.



This week in green class, we have been using everyday language related to money and comparing and ordering objects, we looked at the  coins 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. and learnt how 2p represents two 1p coins and 5p represents five 1p coins and 10p represents ten 1p coins we then added together 10p and 1p. we recalled  how we had added with the rods to make teen numbers. We  repeated with different amounts to make other teen numbers. On Friday we took our learning to the outside classroom and we were challenged to fill up the hoops with bricks and to find how many we could fit in the hoop some of us recognised that if we placed them differently we would get a different result. In numeracy we have been finding the total of items in two groups and also been using different quantities and objects to add and subtract two single-digit numbers and also about inverse sums  i.e. 3+4=7 is the same as 4+3=7 , we have counted on or back to find the answer, we played many different games to support our learning  i.e. show me 3, double it and then add 1 more in our heads what is the answer?, we used many different resources to practically  support our learning, we were also given a challenges by our teacher i.e. 9=4+_ what is the missing number? what a challenging week, everyone enjoyed it!


To be creative we continued making different paper toys this week some of us made kites using many different skills i.e. measuring, cutting and joining.



In green class this week we have been talking about capacity using everyday language i.e. full, half full and empty to support our learning we have enjoyed many practical activities filling different containers with sand or water estimating how many scoops we might need and reversing the activity to consolidate, it was very messy but fun. In literacy this week we listened to the story 'The Three Wishes' we discussed the characters and main events. We thought of a sentence to write about the little girl in the story with our teacher thinking about structure of a sentence, writing across the line, segmenting words, and making sure there are no missing words and that we are using capital letters and full stops.  In numeracy we have been thinking  about sharing and how it is important when we are sharing that we make sure we are sharing equally between different sized groups,2,3,4 and 5 also sharing larger numbers to twenty between the groups. We have used many different resources, hens and eggs, sweets, bean bags and hoops, we have engaged in many practical activities to reinforce and consolidate our understanding of sharing.


To be creative we drew and decorated pictures of the Queen using different mediums to celebrate her 90th birthday.




In Green class we have read a book by the author Enid Blyton  it was a very old book with very few pictures but it was a fiction book (made up stories) we listened to different stories with fairies, pixies and other fictional characters as there were few pictures we tried to use our own imagination to anticipate what might happen in the different stories, we then made our own little fairy books and later in the week some us made giant books. In numeracy we have been learning about teen numbers and the place value of numbers, we used many different resources to support our learning; numicon, tillik and cuisenaire rods, we made our own 'teen' number books  using one colour to represent ten and a different colour to represent the other digits e.g. 13 means 10 and 3 more. In shape space and measure we have been thinking about distance and how we can measure using non standard measurements i.e. how many cubes do you need to get from one point to another, we also had races using ramps, cars and balls we measured the distance between the item that travelled the furthest and the shortest, we discussed and built a bridge thinking about how many blocks we may need.


To be creative this week, we made paper pinwheels, aeroplanes and chatterboxes. 



In Green class we have been learning to estimate amounts to 10 and 20 and to check counting accurately. We used many different resources beads, cars, pencils etc. We recorded our estimations and how many out we were. We also compared two jars of beads and thinking which jar had more beads and which had less? counting each accurately,  we could see if we had made good estimation or not. In Literacy we have been learning about non-fiction books. We have been talking about the features of a non-fiction book; contents, glossary and where we can find information on a subject we are interested in etc. We researched old schools and looking at pictures to see how things have changed, later in the week we looked at old and new toys and wrote a sentence about how we know they are old or new. We also made Old Bear puppets using different ways of joining the different parts; glue, tape and split pins etc.


On Thursday all of Reception visited the 'Astronomy Road show' it was amazing.



In Green class we have been making our own number stories and recording them in our own number books e.g. Jude has 6 books and Lillie has 3 books 6+3=9 we have also been independently  writing our numbers on a number snake and/or a number grid to 30 in the correct order, we also had blank hundred squares we could fill in if we chose to we coloured all the even numbers to see if we could recognise the pattern. In Yellow class we have been learning about weighing mystery boxes, we had to feel the  mystery boxes and to make predictions about which box is heavier/lighter, we learnt that the heavy boxes made the scale tips towards the floor and the lighter boxes will stay higher in the air, we also recognised that if the scales balance the boxes weigh the same. In literacy we have been reading the story 'Old Bear' by the author Jane Hissey, we thought about and shared our ideas on how to help Old Bear down from the attic, we then had the opportunity to write about our ideas, Mr Amery suggested a ladder so we then thought about how and what we could use to make the ladder, we used the resources in the classroom and made our own ladders. Later in the week we became sentence doctors and helped to correct sentences that did not have capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and perhaps they did not make sense.


To be creative we drew our families and wrote sentences about different members of our family.