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Spring Term 2

Our topic for Spring Term 2 is 'Super Heroes'

This week in Maths we have all been working out missing numbers by finding the difference or counting back.  The Year 2 children have had a go at a tricky practise maths test and Year 1 have been looking at sequencing and patterns.

In English we have enjoyed the story of 'The Day The Crayons Quit'.  We have considered the crayons feelings and  thoughts.  We have written a diary entry and looked at speech the crayons may have said.

In Topic we have continued looking at physical features like mountains, rivers, canyons and lakes.  We have located and recorded them on grid references.

This week the Handwriting award went to Leah and our Learning Hero was Caiden he was a Charlie Challenge.   Our attendance was 89% which is loweer than our school target of 96.1% 



This week in Maths we have been working on subtraction, taking away using a numberline.  Year 2 subtracted using the column method.  We also worked on days of the week and months of the year.

In English following on from our new learning last week we have been consolidating, we independently wrote about the life cycle of an apple tree using the features we learnt last week, title, introduction, time adverbials, flow chart in sequence and a conclusion.

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by looking at the poem called 'The Tale of George Grubb'.  We sequenced the poem, we looked at dialogue and wrote some very good speech bubbles for the characters.  We also highlighted the rhyming words and homophones (wood - would, wine - whine).

In Scheince we have looked at a balanced diet and sorted the food into food groups, meats and fish, dairy, fats and sugar, cereal, bread and potatoes, fruit and vegetable.  Creating a food wheel.

This week the Handwriting award went to Lexi and our Learning Hero was Rosanna he was a Queenie Question.   Our attendance was 98.3% which is higher than our school target of 96.1% and we won Shilpa the Attendance Award.  Well done Gold class!



This week in Maths we have been working on addition, we have been adding by partitioning tens and units.   We also drew our own numberlines and added on.  The final method Year 2 used was to add using the column method some of us even managed to carry our tens and hundreds.

In English Year 1 have been learning about adding s, es and ies to words to create plurals.  Year 2 have been working on apostrophes for contracted words like I will / I'll.  We have started to learn about the features of an explanation, text, title, introduction, time adverbials, flow chart, sequence and conclusion.

In our Topic work we have been learning to locate the 7 continents and oceans.  We have also looked at physical features on maps such as mountains, valleys and beaches.

This week the Handwriting award went to Marcus and our Learning Hero was Dulcie she was a Polly Planner.   Our attendance was 96.6% which is higher than our school target of 96.1% and we shared Shilpa the highest attendance award with Green class.