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Spring Term 2


Our topic for Spring Term 2 is 'Growth'


In Red class this week we continued to practice 'less than' to consolidate our previous weeks learning, we extended our learning by using two digit numbers, a little tricky, but we used many different resources and games to support us. In literacy we read the story 'Oliver's Milkshake' by the author Vivian French, we then discussed and wrote about our favourite milk shake attempting to use the wonderful descriptive words the author uses, some of us extended our sentences using conjunctions, and, because and with. In our prime areas, we have been thinking about different food groups, dairy, fruit and vegetables etc. we talked about how we need a variety of different foods to keep us healthy, we tasted different fruits that we may eat at school in our snack bar and described them, sweet, sour and juicy, were some of the descriptions we gave them, we even tried fruits some of us did not like. On our graphics table we could draw and write a sentence about the fruits we liked or disliked.


To be creative, we started to make an Easter card, writing the inserts and colouring and cutting out our designs for the front.


In ict, we used an app on the iPads  called Kodable, we set up our own profile and attempted to complete a code and to debug when necessary.



In Red class this week we talked about a very special day, 'Mother's Day' and why we celebrate this day we looked at a Mother's Day card and thought about how we could make our own we chose the colour of our card and drew around templates to form the flower we used straws and tissue paper to form the stem and leaves, we decided to put a little surprise behind one of the petals, some of us also chose to make tissue flowers for our mums they were very pretty. In numeracy we continued to practice taking away an amount from a given number, also this time we tried to use two digit numbers, this was very tricky, so we may continue practising for another week thinking of all the different ways and things we could use to help us. In literacy we tried to  create a story beginning with 'once upon a time', we used  story cards to help build a story choosing a character card, time card and event card. We finished the  story using happily ever after. We all tried to contribute by adding a detail to the story. In the graphics area we were able to make our own fairy tale books.


To be creative we made flowers and wrote the inserts for our cards.



In Red class this week we  listened to the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' by the author Vivian French, we thought and talked about the different healthy toppings we could have on a pitza and wrote our own shopping lists, some of us then went shopping with our teacher to the local supermarket to buy the foods on our lists, our teacher was very proud of us as we were very polite and well behaved in the supermarket, it was great! our teacher forgot to take any money, we suggested he used the cash machine with his card to get some, so he did, on Thursday we had the opportunity to make and eat  pitzas using the toppings we chose they were yummy!. In our prime areas we have been investigating  and joining materials for a purpose. We looked closely at different designs of bag, plastic bag, paper bag etc. We discussed which materials would be best to use  and thought about the different ways of joining, glue, tape, staples etc. We then created our own shopping bags and tested them using different items from the supermarket, if they were unsuccessful we thought about how we could adapt the design. In numeracy we have been finding one less than a given number using many different resources, pizzas, fingers, bears  and the car park and cars, also how to count down from twenty to zero using number rhymes and number displays in the classroom, on our graphics table we drew around our hands and added a number to each finger in sequence to create our own counting hands to help us with our number work.


To be creative, we drew our families and wrote a sentence about our family saying what they liked, or didn't like.


In ict we are learning to use a keyboard to type our name and the mouse to draw pictures on the programme splosh.