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Spring Term 1

Our topic this half term is 'Change' 


The story this week in Yellow class is 'One Snowy Night' from the Percy the Park Keeper series, written by Nick Butterworth, we wrote invitations for tea to the animals in the park, we segmented words carefully so as we could hear all the sounds in the words. In our prime areas we learnt about the importance of good health and eating a healthy diet, we learnt that we don't all enjoy the same things and to understand it's fine to be different, we continued to look at  similarities and differences between ourselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions. We have helped to make different foods and drink in our workshop area including pancakes, hot milk flavouring it with different flavours, toast and baked potatoes which we all enjoyed eating in Gruffallo wood. In numeracy we have been learning to halve a number into two groups it was a little tricky, we used lots of practical resources to help reinforce our understanding, ladybirds and spots, football pitch mat to make two equal teams, picnic using two blankets and sharing the food equally between both.


To be creative this week we had great fun creating Chinese Blossom pictures using straws to blow black paint for our branches and to create the blossom we dipped our fingers in pink paint and dabbed carefully onto our branches.


On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day, we listened about how we should keep safe on the internet and how we can help others to do the same.



In Yellow class we have continued to learn about sentence writing, making sure our sentences make sense and we have remembered to use capital letters, finger spaces and a  full stop. This week in numeracy we have been learning to add two single digit numbers together and count on to find the answer, we used many different resources to enhance our learning, we then practiceed writing number sentences.  In our prime areas we have been looking at the similarities and differences between objects and  people, we looked at our friends  compared and discussed how we are similar, different and unique.


On Thursday we met Dawn the road safety lady and her friend George the school lollipop puppet, who helped us to think about keeping safe whilst crossing the road. We all enjoyed it Dawn was very kind and lent us the lollipop person costume for two weeks so as we can role-play crossing the road. Thank you Dawn!


To be creative we used chalk and glitter to make frosted spider webs, we also coloured in our super hero pictures ready to be used in our classroom.


Well done to Dareese who won the handwriting award this week for Red class.


Congratulations to Phoebe who was Charlie Challenge the learning hero this week, keep up the good work Phoebe. 


 In Yellow class we have been learning about number bonds to ten, we used numicon and magic eggs to support our learning we recorded the different number bonds we could make. We made our own number bond funny fingers. We drew around and cut out our hands and mounted them onto card to create counting fingers. In our prime areas the learning this week has been about how we have changed, we looked at different toys we discussed and sorted them into different categories, whether we would still play with them or would a baby or toddler play with them and why we had made our choices, we were able to bring to school our favourite toy and to tell our friends confidently, in a large group, why we like our toy and what you can play with it.  In literacy we have been writing a thank you letter to cinema. We used a word bank of useful words: thank you, lovely, time, enjoyed.  Remembering about the use of capital letters, spaces and full stops. We have been practicing our key words on the smart board using the 'BigBus' programme.


To be creative this week we drew a picture of our favourite character from the film 'Frozen' cut them out and attached them to our backgrounds, they do look lovely, please take time to look at them in our classroom.


Well done to Phoebe who received a pencil and certificate for her super handwriting. Keep up the good work Phoebe!


Congratulations to Tanisha  who was our learning hero 'Charlie Challenge'



What an exciting week we have had this week, on Tuesday morning all of Reception went to the local cinema to watch the film 'Frozen' it was amazing, we had popcorn, magic stars and a drink we returned back to school just in time for our lunch. The afternoon was spent being creative, we painted our favourite character from the film.


In literacy we wrote sentences about our trip remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops we used a word bank of frequent words: (cinema, coach, popcorn, drink, Frozen). On our graphics table we cut out and stuck together pictures of Olaf. In numeracy we have been learning about doubling using many different practical activities, cards, dominoes even our own hands we really enjoyed it we also recorded by writing number sentences.


To be creative we added winter trees to our backgrounds using graphite, we then added silver glitter to represent frost on the branches.


In p.e. we are practising our catching and throwing skills using different sports equipment balls, beanbags and foam javelins.



In Yellow we have been conducting  ice experiments, Mrs Oldham  found a diamond (icicle) just like mole, we had to try to keep it safe  whilst  passing it round for everyone to look at, we talked about and answered questions on what was happening to the diamond as it passed from hand to hand, we also added warm water to ice cubes in a bowl and observed the change as they melted and rotated, to record our experiments we completed an Ice flow chart. In numeracy we have been learning about money, we sorted coins into differing values and used them to buy different items from Mrs Jones, to support our learning we went shopping in our 'Pet Shop' role play  to buy two items from our shopping list, we attempted to pay the shopkeeper using the correct coins.  In literacy we re-read the story 'Diamond in the Snow'  we looked at a sentence describing the diamond Mr Amery then jumbled the sentence and we helped to put it back together, independently we used given words to try to extend our own sentences, later in the week we tried to describe the diamond in our writing, focusing on writing  key words correctly and using connectives and describing words. In literacy we re-read the story 'Diamond in the Snow'  we looked at a sentence describing the diamond Mr Amery then jumbled the sentence and we helped to put it back together, independently we used given words to try to extend our own sentences, later in the week we tried to describe the diamond in our writing, focusing on writing  key words correctly and using connectives and describing words.


To be creative we started our winter pictures, we used different media to create a cold background we could use chalks or paints which we mixed to create the colour we needed.


Well done!  for winning this weeks handwriting award and receiving a pencil and certificate




In Yellow class we have been looking at homes around the world, we talked about the features of our own immediate environment and compared them with different environments we discussed similarities differences and patterns we thought about how we could create or change them, we made models of igloos using paper mache using flour and water we observed how the flour changed when wet and how strong it became when dry, it was very messy. In literacy we read a new story 'Diamond in the Snow' by the author Jonathan Emmett we have been thinking about the different sentences we can construct to explain what we can see happening in the pictures using capital letters,full stops and spelling known words and unknown words plausibly we even used descriptive words. We also wrote thank-you letters to Santa. In numeracy we have been learning about positional language such as;- in front, behind and next to, we used all sorts of resources to support our learning animals, ourselves and any other objects we may find we had great fun when Mrs Jones became a robot and we had to give her specific instructions [algorithms] on where we wanted her to go within the classroom.


In creative we drew our family portraits and wrote a sentence about our favourite Christmas present.