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Reception - Red

Welcome to Reception - Red!


In Foundation we move to each classroom everyday to ensure we cover all areas of the Early Years Curriculum.



In Red Class this week we have read the story of 'The Princess and the Dragon'. We have been writing speech bubbles thinking about what each character might say, in the workshop area we have continued making telescopes.

In Yellow Class we have been investigating 'floating and sinking' we made boats following a set of instructions, in our workshop we made junk model boats thinking about and testing the different properties of the materials we have used, it was great fun! but we did make a mess with all the water.

In Green Class we have continued learning how to 'count on' using number lines, Pirates treasure and

Princess jewels.


Congratulations! to: Finlay who was voted the Lunchtime Star this week, Annie received the Handwriting Award and Madison who was our Learning Hero 'Charlie Challenge' well done to you all we are very proud of you.


This week Melissa on the 8th June celebrated her 5th Birthday.











This is our last half term in Reception and we are starting a fun new topic 'Pirates and Princesses'. In Red Class this week we read a story called 'Pirates Love Underpants' we then wrote about Our Favourite Pants and other things that we like, we also wrote about the things we would choose to put in our treasure chest  the bad news was, we had a Pirate robber who took all of Mr Amery's sweets out of his treasure chest so we decided to design a wanted poster, in our workshop we made our own telescopes using card and cellophane..  In Numeracy we have been counting the Pirates gold and using it in addition, adding two single digit numbers together and counting on, we have a fantastic new Role Play 'Pirate Shop' where we can buy treasure, hats, eye patches and other pirate items. In the Prime Areas we are learning to listen and follow a story with no pictures and then used props and resources to re-tell our own stories to help develop our imagination and storytelling we are also working together to build a castle for our Role Play in the workshop we have been making pirate hats and crowns for the princesses. Outside we have been re-enacting the story of Cinderella using different props and resources and in large construction using team work we have built castles and ships using wooden blocks, crates and planks of wood.




On Monday  all of Reception  went on a Teddy Bears Picnic as part of our curriculum,  we sat on the grass by the Library Bus with our Teddy Bears and friends and  we all enjoyed iced biscuits, fruit and strawberry milkshake, we then went to the park and had an amazing time sharing and taking turns playing on the swings, roundabout, climbing frame and rocking horses some of us enjoyed rolling down the hill as well. All the children and Staff in Reception would like to say a big Thank-You! to all the adults who helped us to have such a wonderful time.  In the afternoon we made models of the play equipment using different things, lolly sticks, straws, card and string etc.   In Red Class this week we wrote about our day at the park and how much fun we had.  In Yellow Class we  designed our own favourite park and used our models to place on top, we also made maps of our park. In Green Class we have been learning about distance using cars and ramps to see which car would go the furthest, measuring the distance between two things using cubes and footsteps, we have also been counting to twenty forwards and backwards. On Friday we all had a fun time being creative with paint by spraying, blowing bubbles and  mixing powder paint with sand we also used chalks and water with brushes outside and also had the opportunity to do sewing. Congratulations to Finlay who was our Learning Hero this week and to Dulcie who won our Handwriting Award.







Our story of the week is, 'This is the bear and the Picnic lunch' by Sarah Hayes. We have been writing about what happened in the story, remembering to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. In the Home Corner we have been using our imagination and going on our own pretend picnics, in the workshop area we have been bathing the dolls and playing with the plastic insects in the sand. In Green classroom this week we have been learning to 'subtract'. We have thought carefully about 'taking away' using lots of different resources. We have been inventive using Numicon to help us write our own number sentences.  We have gone on a picnic in Yellow classroom, making our own sandwiches and sharing them with our friends. We have written instructions to sequence the process. To be creative we have made labels for our Teddy Bear in preparation for our picnic next week! This week Annie has won the Handwriting Award for our class, Miley was our Learning Hero 'Billy Buddy' and Lexie was awarded Lunchtime Star. We would also like to welcome Dulcie to Red Class.




Subtraction 1
Subtraction 2
Subtraction 3
Subtraction 4
Subtraction 5
Subtraction 6
Subtraction 7
Subtraction 8
Subtraction 9
Subtraction 10
Subtraction 11
Subtraction 12
Subtraction 13
Subtraction 14
Subtraction 15
Subtraction 16
Subtraction 17
Subtraction 18
Subtraction 19
Subtraction 20
Subtraction 21


This week we have started a new topic - 'Old and New'. We have heard the story of Old Bear and have sequenced the story in our literacy time. We have been thinking about writing in full sentences using our phonic skills to help us build words. In our Numeracy time we have enjoyed buying and selling items in our supermarket and have used pennies to develop our understanding of money. We have also explored old and new toys and have investigated the difference between our toys and the toys from long ago. Outside we have experienced how the task of washing clothes would have been completed during Victorian times,using buckets possers, washboards and grating soap to make our powder. We have talked about the differences between using the washing machine at home and washing using the Victorian artifacts.




victorian washing.mp4

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