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Parent Teacher Team

Welcome to Boughton Leigh Infants PTT


Welcome to BLIS and welcome to our Parent Teacher Team (PTT). This is one of many ways parents can get more involved in our thriving school community.

Traditionally parent teacher associations are set up by parents to raise money to improve the school environment for our children and Boughton Leigh Infant School PTT is no exception. Over the years we have raised many thousands of pounds, which have been spent on improving equipment and facilities in the school.


Support the school

Money raised by the PTT has helped fund the library bus, bought new resources such as books, provided Christmas gifts and subsidised trips. We work closely with the School Council to raise money for resources or organise activities that the children would like.


Make friends

At BLIS we also believe that our PTT should have another function and that is to bring the children, staff and parents together socially. To this end we would like to run a number of events throughout the school year that bring our school family together. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them.


Keep in touch… perhaps join the committee!

The PTT welcomes all new parents and members to their meetings. A new committee is just coming together and they are very keen to have a list of 'willing volunteers' who would be happy to step in and help at events. Also, if you are interested in getting into the detail of how the money is raised and then allocated, then the best way to help out is by becoming a committee member! If you would like to be added to either of these lists then please contact Irina Slabco (Parent in Green Class and one of our committee members) or email the school office and we will pass on your details.

It’s not a huge time commitment! Every month we get together. Our meetings are fun and a good way to be directly involved with the work of the school. It's a great feeling to know that giving a little of your spare time can make such a big difference to a child's education!