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Nursery's fancy dress party



Today nursery had a fancy dress party. We used the stage to perform and used the ICT suite to use the computers. We had a treasure hunt and then watched the Gruffalo. We had a lovely day!



Sharing our learning journeys



Thank you to all the parents who came to look at their child's learning journal last week. We had positive feedback from all the parents and the children enjoyed sharing their work. Our next learning journey share will be in the Autumn term but we encourage parents to come to look at their child's learning journal at any time.

Ramadan 2015



This week Nursery have been learning about Ramadan. Ramadan is a Muslim celebration where adults fast during daylight hours for a month which then ends in a celebration called Eid al-Fitr. Several of our friends in Nursery have family who are fasting and celebrate Eid.

All this week the children have been looking at Islamic objects such as prayer mats, hijab's, the Qur'an and have learnt about the Islamic faith. Mrs Sadiq also brought some things in to show us and told us all about Ramadan and Eid. We talked about how Eid is similar to other festivals we celebrate such as Christmas and Diwali.

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Class of the week


Nursery were named 'class of the week' this week for being so well behaved in assembly. Well done Nursery!

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Father's Day 2015


A big thank you to all the Dads, Step Dads and Grandads who made it in to nursery on Friday 19th June to help us celebrate Father's Day. We had a great time playing with you!

Let's be sun safe



At nursery we play and learn outside every day. Now that the weather is getting hotter we want to make sure everyone is safe in the sun. Please remember to put sun cream on your child before they come to nursery and don't forget to bring a sun hat. Thank you.

Gruffalo Wood



Today Nursery went to Gruffalo Wood for the first time. We explored the treehouse, the vegetable growing area, the fire pit and the cooking area. Some children also helped to plant and water some beans and peas. We enjoyed going to Gruffalo Wood and would like to start going more often.

Walk to school Week



This week Nursery have been participating in 'Walk to school' week. We have been keeping a tally of the days we walk to school and yesterday we took part in 'Shoesday Tuesday' where we wore our favourite pair of shoes to school! We raised £32 which will be put towards a treat for us on Friday.

There are lots of benefits of us walking to school; we can become healthier, reduce pollution, ease parking and spend quality time together.

Our favourite shoes

Class of the week


This week nursery have been awarded 'class of the week'! We were given the award as we have been so kind and friendly to our new friends who joined us after Easter.

Well done nursery!

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Mother's Day 2015



On Friday 13th March we invited the children's Mummies in to nursery for a drink and a biscuit and to play with us. It was lovely to see so many Mum's in nursery playing with their children. Then the nursery children gave their Mums the Mother's Day cards they had made for them. We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day with your family on Sunday.



Mother's Day play

Chinese New Year 2015

The year of the Sheep



In nursery we have been learning about Chinese New Year as our friend Jessica and her family celebrate it. We watched a video on cbeebies about a little girl called Abbie and her family and how they prepare for Chinese New Year.


We decided to make ‘lots of luck’ signs just like Abbie. We used red paper as this is lucky for Chinese people and painted Chinese symbols which mean ‘lots of luck’. Mrs Simons did this first and we copied.

Then we watched Abbie and her family celebrate Chinese New Year and talked about the decorations, food, fireworks and presents. We compared these to other celebrations the nursery children celebrate such as Christmas and Diwali.

In the role play area the children have been decorating using lanterns and have acted out eating a Chinese meal using bowls and chop sticks. They have also worn traditional Chinese clothes.

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Christmas sing-a-long


Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our Christmas sing-a-long on Monday 15th December. We were all so happy to have you be our audience and the staff were so proud of the children's singing and acting.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Our Christmas sing-a-long

Our Christmas sing-a-long 1
Our Christmas sing-a-long 2

Nursery's Listen-a-thon



Paula from Usborne books visited us today to collect our sponsorship money and sell some Usborne books. We want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored the children and helped us raise £378.45. Because we raised over £250 we will get an extra 30% to spend on books for nursery so thank you very much. We will be taking any late sponsorship money until Monday 8th December so the total could change!


Paula also gave us certificates for participating and to the children who had raised the most money and listened to the most minutes of reading. For morning nursery Barnaby got the certificate for the most minutes of listening with 235 minutes! Erin got the certificate for most money raised, she raised £55. They both got an Usborne book too. In the afternoon class Harry listened for the most minutes with 145 minutes of listening and Oliver raised the most money, he raised £75.


Well done Nursery!


Nursery's sponsored Listen-a-thon


Between 24th November - 30th November we are asking nursery children to listen to as many stories as possible in order to raise money to buy new story books for nursery.

In nursery the teachers are all sharing their favourite stories with the children and we even had a visit for the Mayor!

There will be a prize for the child who raises the most money and some other prizes too.

Paula from Usborne books will be visiting nursery on Wednesday 3rd December between 11:40am-12:45pm to sell books and a percentange of the money will go towards new books for nursery.

Good luck to all of our listeners and thank you for any money donated. We will update the website next week to share how much money was raised.

Our visit from the Mayor of Rugby

Our visit from the Mayor of Rugby 1
Our visit from the Mayor of Rugby 2

Class of the week


Nursery are very proud to have been awarded 'class of the week' due to our excellent outdoor learning. We have the 'class of the week' trophy in nursery all week for parents and carers to see.

Well done nursery!

Nursery and the 'class of the week' trophy

Nursery and the 'class of the week' trophy 1
Nursery and the 'class of the week' trophy 2