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Autumn Term 2

Our topic for Autumn Term 2 is 'Light and Dark'

In Yellow Class we have been getting ready for Christmas making and finishing cards, calendars and decorations we have also been rehearsing and performing in our play 'The First Christmas' we have

had a lovely Christmas dinner with all our friends and teachers and a fun Party day.



This week in Yellow class we have been learning about time and the many different ways we can measure time i.e days, hours and minutes, we played games using a sand timer to see how many claps, jumps and how many times we can pass a teddy round a circle in one minute we learnt that this was a short amount of time, later in the week we thought about what different things we do at certain times of the day we used a clock to sequence and act out, we also made watches using shapes and split pins. In literacy we have listened to the story of the birth of Jesus we labelled a picture of the Nativity thinking about and writing the initial sound of the different things and  people we can see some of us were able to write the whole words, we used lego to build stables, sheds and kennels.


In ict we have been thinking about the different ways we can record as well as listen to sound, we have practised our songs for our concert.


To be creative we have been decorating our diwas.




In Literacy we read the story 'The Three Little Pigs' using a power point, we then retold the story anticipating and predicting actions the characters may take, taking it in turns to retell the narrative and act out the roles in the correct sequence, on our graphics table we created 'story maps' to record the story using pictures and labelling with key words and sentences, later in the week we made glove puppets from paper of the little pigs. This week in Green class we have been learning the differences between day time and night time and what we can use to help us to see at night, we also discussed nocturnal animals and the different types of homes animals may live in and what makes a suitable home, we looked at the type of homes we live in, some of us live in detached, semi-detached and bungalows even though our homes were all different we felt warm, safe and loved, we used lego to build our own strong houses, Mrs Jones demonstrated how to make a stained glass lantern and we all had a go, it was very tricky and we are all pleased with the finished lanterns, they are on display in our classrooms, please take a look!


To be creative we have made diwas from clay to celebrate Divali.


In ict we have been learning about the different methods of listening to sound we have started to sing some of the songs for our concert.




In Yellow class this week we read the story 'Funny Bones'  we wrote speech bubbles for one of the characters from the story thinking about where to start writing and joining letters to write words, some of us attempted to write simple sentences, on the graphics table we used the iPads to play a phonics game. In Maths we have continued to learn about how we can subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer we have practised writing number sentences on whiteboards and attempted more complex problems, finding the missing number in a number sentence e.g. 6-  = 4, in the home corner we have re-enacted the Funny Bones story thinking about what we would do at night. In the Prime areas we  used finger puppets to recreate roles for different characters from traditional stories, we retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, we used our imagination to make up our own stories and sourced different items in our learning area to use as props we collected sticks and used lego and straws to make the Little pigs houses, on the graphics table we made our own glasses using paper, tape and glue to encourage the use of scissors effectively, we played games to encourage speaking in a small group of our friends and adult.


In our outside area using large construction we built houses and we used talking tubes to express ourselves and to listen to our friends needs.


In ict we continued to use the keyboard to type letters and to think about keeping safe online.


To be creative we made 'ourselves' as funny bones using straws and also skeleton puppets using different methods of joining.




In Yellow class this week we have read the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear' by the author Martin Waddell, on our graphics table we labelled a cave scene and tried to identify beginning, middle and end sounds in each cvc word and to extend our learning some of us attempted more complex words, later in the week we labelled fireworks with the sounds they made . In the Prime areas we have been learning to play cooperatively and take turns in large and small groups also how to show good control and coordination in large and small movements  we used different types of board games to support our learning we built bridges, barriers and cranes with mobilo to use on the car mat on the small world table. On the graphics table we have been learning to use scissors correctly and safely by making paper lanterns and  we have a new role play 'The Opticians' where we can take turns in re-enacting real life experiences, its great fun, we all enjoy trying on the different glasses and having a pretend eye test. In maths we have been learning to find one more or one less from a group of up to five objects, then ten objects some of us even went to twenty, very challenging, we have accessed many different types of  activities to support our learning, we continued to write number sentences.


To be creative we have been  learning to safely use materials, tools and techniques to make a fire picture using different media. 


In ict we have continued to think about online safety, we have used a busythings programme to support the use  of a keyboard to type simple words and to recognise  uppercase and lowercase letters.