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Autumn Term 2

Our topic for Autumn Term 2 is 'Exploring Brazil'


We have had a very busy week with our Christmas Cracker production at Avon Valley. We hope you all enjoyed it. The children worked really hard with learning the songs and well done to the readers, they did an incredible job learning their words and speaking in front of such a large audience.

The choir sang at Stretton Court on Wednesday morning, the residents thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas carols. The children were treated to a drink and a biscuit after with the residents.

In between concerts, rehearsals and party day the children have been enjoying making Christmas cards with moving or fixed axles.

Party day was a great success the children enjoyed the usual party games and the highlight was a visit to Father Christmas.

We finished the week singing our favourite Christmas carols at Brownsover Community Christ Church.

See you all back at school on Tuesday 5th January when our next Topic will be 'Super Heroes'.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !




In Mathematics this week we have been enjoying a variety of Christmas maths activites,  ordering numbers, problem solving, money and measure.

In English we have continued with our writing about 'Solo'.  We have also been retelling and sequencing the Nativity story.

We have been creating 3D Christmas Cards with moving or fixed axles.

Our Concert rehearsals are coming along well, keep practising those songs at home!




This week in English we have read the book Solo. We have been predicting what happens in a text and discussing the feelings and thoughts of characters. We have been writing a retell of the story using full stops, capital letters, connectives and we have been learning about metaphors and similes.

In mathematics we have been working with money. We have been working out values of different amounts of coins, making totals of different amounts and trying to find the least number of coins to make a given total. We have been buying items using the correct coins and beginning to work out the change.

In science this week we have been looking at different habitats sea, desert, woodland and the arctic and matching the correct animal to their habitat. We have begun to understand why animals live in different conditions.

The children are really enjoying practising our Christmas songs they are coming along well. Keep practising at home!

This week our Handwriting award went to Olek.  Well done!

Our Learning Hero was Olek, he was a Charlie Challenge.  Well done again!




This week in Maths we have been continuing with partitioning our numbers into tens and units and using partitioning to add.  We have  challenged ourselves to carrying tens and some have been adding hundreds, tens and units.

In English we have had a Grammar week learning to identify and use adjectives (describing nouns), nouns (objects, places, names) and verbs (action words).

In Science we have been sorting animals into different categories, fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and insects.  We have continued with our Topic on Brazil comparing the similarities and differences with the United Kingdom.

This week our Handwriting award was given to Fifi and our Super Learning Hero was India who is a Charlie Challenger.    Our attendance was 96.2% and our school target is 96.1%   Well done Silver class!




This week in Maths we have been learning to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and units.  We have been learning to understand the value of each digit.

In English we listened to a traditional Brazilian Tale 'How the Tiger found his stripes'.  We looked at the setting, characters and the structure of the story.  We wrote a story starter using super story language.  Some children wrote stories with alternative characters.

In Topic we have been continuing to research facts about Brazil.  we located the 4 major cities - Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Salvador.

The Firemen came in and talked to the Year 1 children about fire safety.  Stop, drop and roll!

This week our Handwriting award was given to Olivia Ch. and our Super Learning Hero was Isabelle who is a Charlie Challenger.    Our attendance was 96.5% and our school target of 96.1%   Well done Silver class!




This week in Maths we have been learning to tell the time.  We have learnt o'clock, half past, quarter past and minutes to and past the hour.  We have been looking at units of time and how many seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month and months in a year.  We have sequenced our day in school and looked at the times on our timetable.

In Science we have been looking at seasonal changes and linking to time which months are in each season.

We have been finishing our Brazilian art, adding on detail with glitter and sequins.  We have continued with our research on Brazil in the ICT suite, learning to copy and paste images and information into a Word document.

We remembered the soldiers who died in the wars in our Remembrance Day assembly and the children acknowledged the minutes silence at 11 o'clock.

In English we have been looking at traditional tales.  We have been writing using full stop, capital letters and exclamation marks.  We have been looking at the different features of a story, the setting, characters, the problem and the ending.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the Children In Need day, dressing up in Super Hero costumes.  Thank you for all your donations.

This week our Handwriting award was given to Finlay and our Super Learning Hero was Eryk who is a Polly Planner for super planning of his artwork..  Our attendance was 96.4% which is higher than our school target of 96.1%  



This week in English we have been writing our own firework poems we have learnt about rhyme, alliteration, similies and repetition.

In Maths we have been using the skills and our knowledge of subtraction and addition to work out word problems.

We have started our topic on Brazil and have begun to find out facts about Brazil.  Mrs Cartwright and Miss Robertson talked to us about their trip with Boughton Bear.  They had an amazing time visiting different schools in Brazil.

We have looked at a Brazilian artists tiles and created our own tile and then  produced a repeating pattern using ink, pastels, chalk and of course glitter!

This week our Handwriting award was given to Maksim and our Super Learning Hero was Fifi who is a Charlie Challenge.  Our attendance was 97.9% which is higher than our school target of 96.1%  and we won the Attendance Award Shilpa.  Well done Silver class!